Landscape Gardener Level 1 and 2

CIDI-Training centre for Landscaping and Gardening offers a 2 year vocational training in Landscaping and garden design. That training culminates in a final exam under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Sports. After passing the final exams our students become certified Landscape Gardeners (Level II). Furthermore we offer our students the possibility of acquiring a supplemental Diploma given out by our institution.
All students are taught in the following subjects:

Modular courses

We offer different short courses in Herb and vegetable production, Decorative and ornamental plants production and maintenance, Flower arrangement, Mushroom production and Entrepreneurship. The short courses aim at giving gardening skills and knowledge to interested persons as well as to gardening and landscaping companies staff in order to upgrade their professional skills. Courses can be arranged in Luganda too. Targeted groups range from garden enthusiast or personal of maintenance companies to schools or groups of handicapped children. If you are interested, please contact us here!