Success Stories

In July/August 2014 Staff of CIDI - Training Centre for Gardening and Landscaping conducted several interviews with actual and former students. Our main objective was to get some feedback from the students in order to develop as an institution. Another aim was to present a more lively image of what we are actually doing and what it's impact on the students life is.
Down below you find the transcription of three of the interviews. The students/former students are:
Gertrud and Sarah (first year students and gardeners), Solomon (former student, now head of “Platinum Design”, a garden/compound design and maintenance company) and Mudashiri (former student).


Interview with Sarah and Gertrud

Interview with Solomon

"I'm a landscaper and garden designer. I have my own small company, “Platinum design”. Initially it was a common project from students, my former classmates. I liked that idea very much. The others did not continue with it but I followed my vision. I'm managing it alone and it's a challenge. It's not easy but I have the skills. I can work."

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Interview with Mudashiri

"I work in Muyenga with an American diplomat as a gardener. So, I work there. I maintain the garden. I redesigned the entire garden. I got a lot of experience out of that and, In sh'allah, I will find some more clients..."

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