Training Center for Gardening and Landscaping

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) Training Centre for Gardening and Landscaping is aimed at reducing unemployment among urban youths. The Centre trains youth for a period of two years before awarding them a Level II Certificate by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The study topics include Botany, Plant Identification, Landscape Design, Ecology, Entrepreneurship, Gardening and landscaping techniques among others. The training course is a skills-centered apprenticeship which gives our students the necessary skills and knowledge in gardening, garden design and landscaping to find employment or to start their own business in that field. Among our past graduates around 90% found either an employment after a very short time or even during the training or were able to start their own business. CIDI Training Centre is the first vocational institution training people in this field in Uganda. 
At the same time the Centre conducts modular training/short courses. These short courses address persons interested in gardening as well as staff of landscaping and maintenance companies who wish to upgrade their skill-level.
The Training Centre is registered with the Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institution (UGPRIVI) and licensed to operate as an assessment Centre for awarding certificates at various levels from the MOES/DIT in the field of Gardening and Landscaping.