Mrs Maria KaweesaMaria

Mrs Maria Kaweesa graduated the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at Makerere and her Master of Arts in Development Studies at Nkozi University. She's working at TCGL since June 2010 as instructor of urban agriculture, mushroom production and plant protection. Since 2014 she's the manager of TCGL.

Mrs Elizaeth KeyaElizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Keya studied administration at Makerere and works as the accountant of the Training Centre. She is also teaching business English and business development management

Bruno SserunkumaBruno Mr. Bruno Sserunkuma graduated Bachelor of Science at Makerere and works at CIDI – TCGL since march 2013 as instructor for Ecology and as Landscaping Gardener.

Mr Edson TuyamuhikiraEdson Mr. Edson Tuyamuhikira is one of the former students of CIDI – TCGL. He’s working there as Landscape Designer, compound maintenance manager and instructor for plant identification and herbs production


Mr. Simon Oberconz Mr. Simon Oberconz is the 4. volunteer from Germany. He's teaching computer skills and sports.